What you need to know about booking a tour with us


These are terms and conditions for all bookings through wildnordic.no.

In case you book our tours via VisitTromso.no, then they are entirely responsible for bookings, cancellations and refund. All questions please contact them directly.


By joining a Wild Nordic Excursion, you agree to the following terms and conditions.


. Each guest is responsible for their own health. You are adviced to join the tour only   

  if your general health allow it. The tours are not physically straining, but there   

  might be several hours spent outside in the Arctic winternight, so it won´t be too 

  good for your fever. It might do wonders for an existential crisis or a broken heart   

  though :)


We cannot guarantee that you see the Northern Lights. Success of seeing Aurora depends on the solar activity as well as visibility, depending on weather conditions.

90 % of the time we see the Northern Lights. However:

That unlucky 10 % might just be you. Please be prepared for that.

Even if we do see the lights, they may not always be as strong and magnificent as they are on TV and youtube. The clips and photos are the best of the best, this is more rare to see. So please have low expectations, then you will enjoy the surprises of the night.

There are no refunds in case we do not see anything.

An unsuccessful trip does not earn the right to discount on another tour.

If you are more than 15 minutes late without letting us know we will leave without you and you may not reclaim your money.

If the weather is bad but there is still a chance of seeing something, we might give you the option when we pick you up to rebook to another day. In which case we will find another tour for you another day of convenience.


In case of severely bad weather conditions we maintain the right to cancel the tour up to an hour before departure. In such cases we offer full refund.

In case Wild Nordic cancels the tour the client is entitled full refund.

In case you book through the VisitTromso website, Wild Nordic is not responsible for refunds, cancellations and changes.

For bookings made through wildnordic.no, we can offer the following refunds if you cancel the tour:

100 % refunds if cancelled 7 or more days before the tour

50 % refund if cancelled between 2 and 6 days before the tour

0 % refund if cancelled less than 24 hours before the tour

Please note that payment of the refunds may take up to 10 working days.


Wild Nordic provides you with a thermal suit, arctic winter boots, tripod, hot drinks, warm meal and snacks.

We have warm Polar Boots available for an extra surcharge of 100 NOK. Please notify us in the order if you want us to bring you a pair to use on the tour.

You as a guest must still dress according to the cold climate and are expected to bring your own jacket, scarf, gloves, hat and warm socks.

If you have dietary restrictions please notify us in advance. In case you have not notified us we take no responsibility if you cannot eat the food we have prepared.

Please be on time!


Your guide is in charge of the tour and decides where we go. You may express wishes but ultimately please respect the decisions of the guides.

In case of inappropriate behavior to either the guides or other guests we maintain the right to abort the excursion and bring you back to your hotel with no refund.

Please respect and care for the gear and equipment that you will use on the tour.

The time of return to the city is flexible, please respect this. If we have already seen the lights in all its glory, we see no need to spend all night out, and we might return back to the hotel at 01.00. However if we do not see anything early on, we are ready to drive far and stay out long to increase the chance of seeing the lights. Please respect the direction of the guide.


Wild Nordic usually takes pictures on the tour, and in successful tours we offer a selection of our best pictures sent to your e-mail. Please have some patience when waiting for your pictures, as we are often busy and it may take up to a week to receive your pictures.

The pictures sent to you for free are small resolution pictures with the Wild Nordic watermark. You may use these as you like on social media etc.

It is possible to purchase a high resolution photo without watermark, ready for print. Contact us for charges.

We very much honor your right to express your opinion and your experience of our service any way you wish. We welcome and encourage all constructive feedback, and we deeply respect your honest opinion on TripAdvisor or other platforms.


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