What you need to know about booking a tour with us

When is the best time to see Aurora?

The Northern Lights are active in the dark winter months, from October to April.

She is most visible when the weather is cold and dry, usually from December to April.

What to wear in North-Norway?

During the winter months it gets famously cold in the Arctic. Fortunately Tromsø has a relatively mild climate due to the warming currents of the Gulf Stream, however, it still holds temperatures usually between -1 to -10, sometimes dropping down to -20. It does get cold and you need to dress accordingly. We recommend several layers of breathing warm clothing - wool is a must here in the North, from top to toe. Make sure you have warm jacket and trousers, gloves, scarf and hat. When coming on the tours with us we provide you with a warm overall Arctic survival suit, and top notch polar boots which protects against cold temperatures, snow, wind and weather. You wear the survival suit over your normal jacket. We have all sizes and help you get dressed.

Guaranteed to see Aurora?

Aurora Borealis is a natural phenomenon occurring according to solar activity and the geomagnetic field of the Earth. These are variables we do not control. Our job is to provide you with the best possible conditions to see the Northern Lights if there is activity. Tromsø is one of the absolute best locations in the world to see the lights, and if we can find clear sky there is a very high chance of spotting something. So far we have a success rate of 90 % in our safaris. However we do not guarantee that you will see the Northern Lights.  Some nights Aurora only come out a little bit, while other nights she dances in the sky for hours. And sometimes she doesn´t come out at all. We guarantee to give you the best odds to prove your luck! 

What are the best camera settings to photograph the Northern Lights?

In order to photograph Aurora you need a camera with manual settings, manual focus and a tripod. Most lenses can be used. We will help you set up your camera and lend you a sturdy tripod for the night. We will also take pictures which we will happily share with you after the tour, free of charge of course.

How long does an Aurora Safari last?

As the Northern Lights is a phenomenon which appears at her own will, every tour is different and we do not know in advance how long the tour will last. The most important is that we see the lights. We depart from Tromsø City Centre at 18.30 and we drop you off at your hotel usually between 01.00 and 02.000. If necessary we happily stay out longer.

Where will we go?

We are born and bred Norwegians with long experience of the climate, the weather and wilderness around Tromsø. We study the weather carefully before going out, and we drive to the places with minimal light pollution and the best weather conditions. Usually we make a trip with several stops so that you can enjoy some sightseeing of the Tromsø area while we wait for Aurora to make her appearance. We are fond of driving along the spectacular coast and enjoying the Northern Lights over the famous fjords, we also love the beautiful inland landscape with mighty mountains and enchanted forests. It all depends where the wind blows.

What do we need to bring?

Most importantly is that you are properly dressed. It is uncomfortable to be cold, and we really want you to have an enjoyable evening. In spite of the warm survival suits we provide, it is essential that you have warm clothes, including jacket, trousers, hat, scarf and gloves. If you have a camera with manual settings, this is of course a must bring! We will help you with all the settings to make sure you get your own picture of Aurora. We have extra tripods with us in case you need to borrow one.

What does the warm meal consist of?

We usually make a bonfire and cook the meal directly on the fire. Our favorite is locally produced pure delicious lamb sausages, with traditional potato bread. We can also provide vegetarian options, please contact us for options.

Is it possible to book a private tour with you?

Yes, it is. We can also tailor an excursion to fit your needs. Please contact us for rates and availability.