My name is Anna, I am the founder of Wild Nordic. I was born in Oslo 31 winters ago, and I grew up on the southern coast of Norway, being trained in the outdoor Nordic wilderness since I was a toddler. Since I was 20 years old I have been exploring the world beyond Scandinavia, journeying far and long, travelling all over Europe, and going on longer expeditions in Asia, Africa and the Americas.

My curiosity of life and love of wonder and wander has brought me all over the planet and enriched me with a wide range of experiences and a precious understanding of the planet and its inhabitants. My love for the wilderness and the natural world has brought my life onto a mission to understand, protect and cultivate the wild as the essence of all life. I also hold a MasterĀ“s degree in Ecological Philosophy from the University of Amsterdam.

After over a decade of travelling abroad, I have (partly) settled in Tromso where my own roots flourishing in the Nordic wilderness. Arctic Norway is a jewel of a phenomenon, and after all I have seen and done there is no other place which nourishes me as much as my own native wild flora and fauna. I started chasing the Northern Lights in 2012, but only started to work as a professional guide in 2014, working for Greenfox Guiding. 2016 is my first season with my own company.

The Aurora Borealis is a very, very special place in my heart. She is the goddess of these enchanted frozen lands, and working with her is a blessing. In our Norse as well as in Samii culture, Aurora is considered to be the spirit of our Ancestors. Summoning and honouring the Northern Lights as such, with songs and drumming, is one of the ways I hope to introduce you to the mystery of the colorful Arctic night. I believe our excursions appeal to those who truly wish to experience the magic of the Northern celestial Lights.

Other passions of mine are music, sound and dance. I am singer and songwriter of the group Curawaka.


Lone is another Arctic nature and wildlife enthusiast.

She was born on the North tip of Norway in an afar place called Vardo, with flaming red hair and a mission to preserve the wild spirit. She has a remarkable gift of communicating with wild animals and is heartly devoted to studying the ancient Norse culture and its co-existence with wilderness.

Lone has a background in marine biology and in the co-founder of the Shamanic Association in Norway. She is an expert on Nordic indigenous culture, history and mythology. She is very knowledgable about her Sami tradition and culture, and is happy to share from her tradition. 

As a native of the Arctic she is a library of local knowledge, and can tell you about anything about this part of the world, from plants to songs and myths and old customs, how to herd reindeers, to how to act around wild wolves, how to call the whales and to where to eat the best local fish soup.

Lone sometimes joins the tours as an additional guide, and she adds a lovely presence of modern mythology. She is an exceptional woman; her wise and generous heart shining through in all she persues. It is such a joy to share an evening under the Arctic sky with her.

Together with Anna she joiks, drums and sings to the Aurora Boreal, as our ancestors has done for millennia.

Lone is a famous designer in Norway and founder of the clothing line Alveskogen. Some of her custom made designs are available for sale in the Wild Nordic webshop. 


Brynjar is the Wild Nordic driver and guide. Born and bred in Tromso, and having spent his whole life with professional extreme winter sport, he knows every road, valley and mountain in the North of Norway better than most. He has participated several times in the World Championship of Ski Kiting, and holds several records in reaching the peaks of the Lyngen Alps on skis.

Brynjar was a sergeant in the Norwgian Army for many years, stationed in the Arctic, and has exceptional knowledge of how to survive in the Arctic wilderness. Even in his spare time, Brynjar is sure to be climbing a mountain, discovering Aurora from a new angle, navigating the seas, or doing some really wild stunt.

He is the perfect example of the modern wild viking. With his solid outdoor expertise, endless appreciation of nature, great sense of humor, easy-going persona and enormous heart and smile, Brynjar is truly the best company you could ask for in any adventurous outdoor situation.

Brynjar has run Northern Lights expeditions for over 20 years. He is also extremely passionate about the maritime wilderness, and is a dedicated expert on the whales along the Norwegian coast. He operates whale safaris out of Tromso and Andenes and is a keen and skilled photographer of all Arctic wildlife.

The Wild Nordic Crew